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Software Development

How to get a more precise quote for your software project?

Gain the power to eliminate guesswork and secure accurate quotes for your software projects with the transformative insights

OG guide for getting a more precise quote for your project

Practical examples, real-life case studies, and expert advice for Founders / Product Owners / Stakeholders

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How to get a more precise quote for your software project? - 2024 42
Table of Contents
  1. Things that founders (usually) know about their product
  2. Things that founders need to figure out in order to estimate the time and the delivery costs
  3. Good practices
  • For picking a product launch strategy
  • For creating a backlog or a documentation
  • For User Experience & User Interface Design and creating a prototype or mockups
  • For choosing the technology for your product
  • Targeted devices & resolutions/browsers
  • Founder involvement in the development process & project management model
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How to get a more precise quote for your software project? - 2024 42 Read more