We love building products for clients from the financial sector. It's a very competitive industry, and we love challenges. Financial services are also very scalable. A useful innovation spreads quickly, and good software is used rapidly by everyone.

Enerace - 2024 04 Enerace - 2024 04
Introduced automation that resulted in saving hundreds of hours per month and making business scaling processes possible.
BizBot - 2024 04 BizBot - 2024 04
Delivered a prototype, which received 6.4 million Norwegian kroner (713k USD) in funding. Additionally, we created a design system which allowed the building of further modules.
Lean Process Excellence - 2024 04 Lean Process Excellence - 2024 04
The application checked whether the lean methods introduced to the team were effective and well-conducted.
Monetor - 2024 04 Monetor - 2024 04
A Web App that provides a comprehensive understanding and a suggestion of how foreign exchange affects business directly, e.g. paying invoices depending on FOREX rates.
Unilink - 2024 04 Unilink - 2024 04
A custom CMS that adjusts to the changing needs of each insurance company under the UNILINK’s group and their offers.



Blockchain distributed ledger and cryptocurrencies are a good example. The Order Group team strives for solving difficult problems with creativity, skills, and analysis. If you want to build a new finance product or optimize an existing one, let's get in touch and talk about it.

We have worked for both corporate and startup clients from the financial sector. We understand the challenges related to compliance and security. We realized several FinTech projects for Scandinavian clients.

Recently the financial sector has discovered the importance of design. As startups offering customers a great experience is disrupting the industry, user-centered design is finally taking over the financial world.

The Order Group team has always worked using agile software development and user-centered design methodologies. Our consultants, analysts, designers, and software engineers work closely with banks, insurance companies, and FinTech startups and scaleups.

If you are looking for a young, still growing, but already very experienced software development team to build a new product or improve an existing one, let's talk about it. We have also helped several financial sector companies improve their internal IT and design processes.

We offer custom and flexible solutions. Your organization doesn't have to be stiff, and you can benefit from the opportunities created by the newest software development technology and the most efficient approaches.

Order Group is willing to create for you complex multi-dimensional solutions that will address the exact needs of your organization.

Our designers and developers will build awesome mobile apps for your customers or internal use inside your organization. We'll make sure that every stakeholder is involved in the process.

We can build insurance, investment, and mobile accounting apps, as well as digital wallets using blockchain technology.

Let's talk about software solutions that can increase the productivity of your team, cut the delivery time of your services, and help you gain an advantage over the competition.

Finance Software Development Company

We have done many FinTech projects. We are excited about the potential of blockchain technology, the idea of distributed ledger, and the cryptocurrency payments. If you are looking for a talented, young, but experienced education software development team, Order Group is the right choice.

Finance Software Development Services

Order Group team knows the world of finance very well. We have participated in many projects from the industry and also develop our successful products. We know the business, and we know how to speak with the modern finance UX language.

Finance Development Company

We use the best stack to deliver a compelling experience to your customers, and optimization tools for your business to grow. Let's get in touch and discuss your ideas, challenges, and how digital transformation may help your company thrive.

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