We love building products for the education sector. We are passionate about learning and scaling up productivity. The Order Group team strives for solving difficult problems with creativity, skills, and analysis. If you want to build a new educational product or improve an existing one, let's get in touch and talk about it.

Lean Process Excellence - 2022 32

A mobile application supporting a variety of LEAN processes.

Educational platform for building individual learning paths for students.

Mobie app & web platform and app for parents & kindergardens

Order Group specializes in education solutions design and development. We know how to create beautiful apps that engage students as well as user databases and tools for scholars.

We have developed several projects for education. One of them is Math in Your Head. We created an innovative application for learning maths. You can solve real mathematical problems with it, not just dull closed-ended questions. With Math in Your Head, which we built for a local client, you can learn how to solve real problems, understanding the whole process of logical thinking, not just guessing or googling the answer.

We especially enjoy educational projects, because we believe they can change the world, and make it a better place. For a local NGO, we developed the Stop Aggression app, which helps teenagers solve the problems that lead to aggressive behavior as well as learn to control their emotions.

The education sector is both very inspiring and demanding. When designing educational software, you need to create inclusive interfaces, that will be equally easy to use by everybody. You always need to find the right balance between difficulty and engagement, so the software acts as a catalyst to the learning process.

If you'd like to talk with us about corporate for adults or are looking for a software design and development team that would deliver a solution for students at any age, if you are from the private or public sector, get in touch with us and let's talk about your project.

Education Software Development Company

If you are looking for a talented, young, but experienced education software development team, Order Group is the right choice. We are passionate about digital products design and programming.

Education Software Development Services

Our coders and designers are focused on self-development. That's why we understand educational projects. Order Group offers world-class e-commerce software development services. Engage in your education project the best software development team.

Education Development Company

Whenever you develop an app for your school, university, or business training. We can do it for you. Our designers and developers will help you make use of cutting-edge technology. We use the best stack to deliver a compelling experience to your customers, and optimization tools for your business to grow.

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