We are aviation enthusiasts, and we specialize in building applications and systems for pilots and air traffic controllers. One of our long-lasting business partners is AP-TECH, a company that offers a unique combination of consulting, design, and software development services for the aviation industry.

Google Maps for air pilots. Real-time mobile navigation tool for air operations.

HRESS™ - 2022 17
HRESS™ - custom development for monitoring heliport systems

Airport system for tracking movement & operations on the airfield & airstrip.

Monster - 2022 17

an IoT System for Monitoring and Managing Airport Lighting System

We have made several great projects together Clear AirSpace Electronic Flight Bag, ATOSS airport management system, HRESS helipad manager, and Monster airport light management system were the most spectacular ones.

We have years of running cutting-edge projects with our strategic partner. We are one of the top aviation software development companies in Europe. We know how to deliver functional, dependable, and unfailing systems that help pilots and traffic controllers do their jobs.

The products for the airports that we built is software managing critical infrastructure. The security standards for this kind of applications are much higher than for most of the other online industries.

If you'd like to get to know more about Order Group's aviation industry products, let's get in touch. We will tell you how we design useful, indefectible, and scalable aviation software.

Our products have been used by airports, Polish Airforce Academy, and Polish Medical Air Rescue, among others.

Aviation Software Development Company

We adjust the tech stack to fit the needs of the project. We love using Python (and the Django framework) in the aviation projects we run. We build customizable solutions with tailored functionalities for each group of users. At the same time, we managed to create universal systems that can be applied to many airports.

Aviation Software Development Services

Over the years, we have proven that Python can fly many times. We have realized many successful aviation projects. In just three months our team built an MVP of an EFB solution that was able to compete with Boeing's Jeppsen Aviator. The solution has been used by civilian pilots and air force cadets and instructors.

Aviation Development Company

If you'd like to know in detail how we helped Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport meet CAT III weather minima requirements with our proprietary ATOS™ system, let's arrange a call or meeting. We can also talk about the HRESS™ helipad and heliport limitation surface scanning and monitoring system. For the Clear AirSpace® app, we built our map rendering engine, we can tell you about.

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Karol Oponowicz
+48 793 332 793

Karol Oponowicz
+48 793 332 793

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