We have built software and provided consulting services to many clients from different sectors of the economy. Each project gave our team a priceless experience, knowledge and insight to the specifics of the business. Check out if you can find your industry on the list below.

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We love building products for e-commerce. Why? It's a very competitive sector, and we love challenges. The Order Group team strives for solving difficult problems with creativity, skills, and analysis. If you want to build a new e-commerce product or optimize an existing one, let's get in touch and talk about it.


Order Group is a team of lifetime learners. Our engineers and designers follow the newest trends, and learn new methodologies, frameworks and attitudes. That's why we have a truly deep understanding of the Education sector. Take a look at our take and what we have done in this field.


We are convinced healthcare is one of the most exciting industries. The opportunities new software brings to the table with the raise of Artificial Intelligence and popularization of Machine Learning solutions are limitless. Check out our take on healthcare and the projects we have done so far.

Real Estate

At Order Group we know a lot about the real estate industry. Actually we develop some proprietary products that have already gained traction and won us a nice market share. We know the business and will gladly talk about your idea. Check out our take on real estate and the things we've done so far.


We work for both established corporations - banks, insurance companies - as well as scale-ups and FinTech startups. We build apps, platforms, are excited about the potential of blockchain technology. We think that the importance of the UX in FinTech is underestimated. Check out our vision of FinTech and the finance project we've done already.


Banking is a specific type of financial services. We have worked with different banks, and we know very well how to run projects inside of the organization. Our designers and engineers know the banking culture, and can cooperate within the structures. Take a look at our portfolio and read about our views on the banking sector.


Order Group is a unique expert in aviation. We learned the business through practice. With our strategic partners we have developed several software systems and apps for airports, and pilots. We created a product that competes with Boeing and helped a local airport get a CAT III B safety certificate. You can read about this and other case studies below.


The industry has a lot to win with the development of Machine Learning algorithms. Practically every aspect of logistics can be improved with automation and implementation of self-learning algorithms. We advise logistics companies to speed up with the digital transformation as the early adopters will dominate the laggards.


The sector can be disrupted by tech innovations. We have done several projects for transportation companies, that include ML solutions and Virtual Reality simulators that help drivers improve their skills without costly training. Take a look at how we see the future of transportation, and browse through our portfolio.


We know the construction business very well, and are a rare software development company that truly understands the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead of the construction companies. If you are about to come up with a new tech project or improve an old one, take a look at how we view the industry, and check out the project we've done so far.