Xamarin Development

Apart from React Native and Ionic, this is one of the hybrid mobile development technologies we use. Whenever you want to make a product for both iOS and Android users you have two choices. First, develop two separate native apps for each system. Second, is to use a hybrid solution that would enable you to share the code between the two apps.

Xamarin is a set of tools used to develop mobile applications. A company created the software from San Francisco and later bought by Microsoft. Since the acquisition, Xamarin gained on popularity as the new owner didn't charge the developers for using it.

The biggest tech corporations let developers use their products freely so they can benefit from the software created by the community. That is how Microsoft made the Xamarin SDK open-source and made it a part of Xamarin Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment

Why Xamarin?

Xamarin is a product developed by Microsoft, and your development team needs to work on Windows to work with it.

Best Tools

Xamarin uses a C# codebase. The tool helps developers build Android, iOS and Windows apps that have native interfaces specific to each of these operating systems but can share a substantial part of the code.


Your development team can use even 90 percent of the code across the most popular operating systems. Thanks to this feature, it's much easier not only to build your application, but to manage it and implement any further changes.

Deliver superb user experience

Xamarin lets you build hybrid applications, that delivers a superb user experience for both Android and iOS device owners, but at the same time, you can develop and control the same codebase that is shared by both.

Xamarin Software Development

Xamarin is one of our favorites hybrid mobile development technologies. It allows us to use the same code for both iOS and Android apps, instead of writing separate codebase for both ecosystems. Xamarin is a Microsoft product.

Xamarin Development Services

The Order Group team has developed several products using Xamarin toolset. The applications we built deliver exceptional user experience for both Android and iOS device users, while up to 90 percent of code is shared.

Xamarin Development Company

If you are looking for an experienced development team that has many Xamarin projects in their portfolio, Order Group is the right choice. We built several successful products using this toolset and know its strengths and weaknesses.

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