React.js Development

React is a JavaScript library that helps developers build user based interfaces. The framework is maintained by Facebook and the community of both individuals and businesses animated by the social network.

This is another frontend framework for JavaScript - the most popular programming language in the world. JavaScript allows you to build dynamic apps, where a lot of actions happen in the frontend and can be performed without contacting the server. It also allows parts of the application to refresh and present new data independently.

Apart from React.js we also use Angular (Typescript) and Vue JavaScript frameworks. React.js is a light easy to configure the framework. You get much more freedom with React.js than with Angular. That's one reason why it is often called a "frontend library" rather than a framework. Some engineers say that you need to constrain React.js with some other library (such as Redux) to compare it to Angular.

Why React.js?

The unique feature of React is fetching rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded.


React is simple and easy to learn. The philosophy behind React is reusability, which means the same code can be used in different applications - iOS, Android or Web.


The Flux application architecture controls the flow of data to react. The component structure of React makes it easier to debug in larger applications. A significant advantage of React applications is that they are easy to test.


Additionally, every two weeks there are new updates which means that developers can work with the latest features very quickly.

React.js Software Development

React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript web development frameworks. It allows you to build applications fast giving many useful rules and structures to your code. We are experts in React.js.

React.js Development Services

The Order Group team has developed several products using the React.js framework. If you are looking for a universal technology, with many ready-to-use packages, Angular may be the technology for you.

React.js Development Company

If you are looking for an experienced development team that has many Reast.js projects in their portfolio, Order Group is the right choice. We built several successful products using this framework and know its strengths and weaknesses.

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