React Native Development

A hybrid mobile development framework developed by Facebook and based on React.js. We use it to build apps for iOS and Android with the same code. Other hybrid mobile tools we use are Xamarin and Ionic.

React Native provides your hybrid app with native views - which means your end users will get the animations, and User Interface elements they know from other native apps in their iPhone or Android device.

The makers of Facebook founded this app development tool. The community using React Native has grown much quicker than Facebook anticipated. Indeed, there are over 1.6k contributors to the framework's codebase!

Why React Native?

Because the framework uses JavaScript, which is one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages, the number of developers available to work on your project is excellent, at over 66% of the market!


If you are also developing a web application (that can be used in a browser on any device), it's a good idea to consider React Native, as you will be able to reuse some of the React.js code.

It's used by the biggest

Facebook lists that over 100 apps have been developed with its structure with many companies migrating to it as well. React Native is tested every day by billions of users. That's why it's scalable and secure.


React Native’s focus is principally on efficiency. The framework secures a near-native performance, and allows you to include native components to your app. At the same time you can use the same code on iOS and Android.

Therefore, if you use React Native, it will be pretty easy to hire a professional to develop your app. Some of the top users of this framework are Airbnb, Skype, and Walmart.

React Native Software Development

React Native is one of our favorites hybrid mobile development technologies. It allows us to use the same code for both iOS and Android apps, instead of writing separate codebase for both ecosystems.

React Native Development Services

The Order Group team has developed several products using React Native framework. The applications we built deliver exceptional user experience for both Android and iOS device users, while up to 90 percent of code is shared.

React Native Development Company

If you are looking for an experienced development team that has many React Native projects in their portfolio, Order Group is the right choice. We built several successful products using this toolset and know its strengths and weaknesses.

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