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React is the most popular, open-source, front-end JavaScript library that helps developers build top-notch interfaces. The framework was created in 2011 by Facebook and is maintained by a large community of both individuals and businesses. It gained popularity thanks to its ease of use, performance, and flexibility.


Why develop your app with React.js?

Building a digital product is a hard task. You should use the best possible tools. React is one of the best.


It’s one of the most popular technologies in the world. A lot of software development companies, startups, and other companies are doing their application development with React, so it’s relatively easy to find a React.js developer.

Fast development

There are a lot of great things in React that allow to speed up React.js development like reusable React components, but there are also many tools and libraries that will enable your developers to skip coding when possible.

Great user experience

Web applications built with React are, fast, responsive, and give a native-like experience. With React you can forget about website reloading.


React is great for building small websites to large web apps like Facebook or Instagram. Also, making if needed you can reuse parts of the code to build both, android and iOS, mobile apps in React Native.

Tested by Tech’s biggest

React is backed by Facebook, but also used by many tech giants like Paypal, Yahoo, Netflix, Airbnb, and others.

High performance

React was designed with performance in mind. It’s core features like Virtual DOM or server-side rendering enables building really fast, large-scale applications.

Which successful companies are using React.js for their app development?

Many successful projects have React as a common factor in their tech stack. It’s used not only by startups but also by a lot of big organizations.

  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • VOD platforms (Netflix)
  • Media companies (Yahoo!, New York Times, BBC)
  • E-learning platforms (Udemy, Khan Academy, Codeacademy)
  • SaaS (Salesforce, Zendesk, Atlassian, Asana, GitHub)
  • FinTech (PayPal)

What apps can you build with React.js?

React.js is one of the best possible solutions to build web applications and hybrid mobile applications. It’s great for an agile, iterative development approach. With React your products MVP will not only be launched fast but also with excellent looks and user experience.

React.js development is a great choice for mobile and web apps:

  • When your apps UI has to be responsive and fast
  • If performance is something critical to your business
  • When creating a static website with some dynamic content
  • If your app has a complex flow on the user's side
  • When building a Single Page Application

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