Python Development

This is one of our favorite programming languages. It gives us freedom. We can do a lot of things in Python; almost everything can be done with Python. However other technologies perform different tasks better. But here comes another great advantage of Python.

We can integrate it with other technologies very quickly. That is why when we need to compute a 3D point cloud, we use C++ for these particular tasks and "plug it in" our Python/Django app. You can add bindings to connect a module in Java or C++. If you need sth more performance in any other technology, Python can integrate easily with it.

Python suits modern product development practices perfectly. It's modular, easy to bind with external services, and it allows swift prototyping and code recycling with libraries and packages.

There are over 130,000 packages available for Python. That means that most of the features you want to include in your application are probably already there waiting for Python developers to download and adjust.

Why Python?

According to the latest Stack Overflow survey Python is one of the most popular languages. At the same time, the software engineers when asked what technology they would like to learn answer "Python" most of the time.


Python is an interpreted, just like PHP, JavaScript or Ruby (unlike C, C++, and Java), which means it's faster to write code with it. Python is also interactive, extensible and object-oriented.


Python is more economical than C++ or Java - you may perform the same actions with fewer lines of code. What makes developing products with Python even faster is an extensive library with ready-to-use components.


Python is also universal as its interpreters work on most operating systems. It is also easy to read and learn. Even beginner engineers can quite easily understand what's in the code they see.

Additionally, the programming language includes a dynamic type system, as well as automatic memory management. What's more important from the business point of view, it has a wide range of applications.

Python Software Development

We are Python experts. The Order Group was founded by Python enthusiast excited by the possibilities this programming language brings to the table. Python is both fast and powerful. Additionally, we consider it a technology of the foreseeable future.

Python Development Services

Many startup founders and corporate product owners are in a need for Python development services. The programming language is powerful and universal. Our goal is to master Python.

Python Development Company

The Order Group team is an expert in Python. We are a software development company that was born from the passion of programming and we love doing challenging projects in Python.

Another significant advantage of Python is self-documentation. Software developers say that a well-written code in Python is so clear that can be read directly - without any comments. It's a great thing for a programming language. An active community around Python is also a significant advantage.

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