Obj-C Development

We use Obj-C to build native iOS apps (just like we use Java for native Android applications). If your target group is mostly Apple users, then you should use this technology.

It's always easier to create a single native app than a hybrid app, which has to work correctly on both Android and iOS devices. However, you should remember that choosing just an iOS app limits the potential audience for your product as the majority of people all over the world use the Android operating system.

Objective-C is based on C programming language. The difference is a Smalltalk-style messaging module. Apple uses Obj-C for the OS X and iOS operating systems as well as their APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch. This makes Obj-C an important technology

Objective-C source implementation files usually have .m extensions, while Objective-C header or interface files have .h extensions, the same as C header files. Objective-C++ files are denoted with a .mm file extension.

Obj-C Software Development

Obj-C is a go-to technology for building native iOS applications. Whenever you want to target iPhone users, you should consider this language. Order Group specializes in Obj-C software development.

Obj-C Development Services

Then looking for Obj-C developers you should choose a team that has an impressive portfolio. The Order Group team has developed many beautiful and functional iOS applications using Obj-C

Obj-C Development Company

If you are looking for an experienced development team that has built many impressive iOS applications using Obj-C, Order Group is the right choice. We will deliver the best experience to the users of your product.

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