Java Development

We use Java for two main tasks. First, when we need to integrate our solutions with an existing system, which uses Java. This is a common situation in many corporations. For years Java has been a go-to technology for big organizations.

Java Software Development

We are Java experts. The Order Group was founded by Java enthusiasts excited by the possibilities this programming language brings to the table. Java is both fast and powerful.

Why? Partly because Java uses a virtual machine, that can be emulated on any device with any operating system. This makes Java universal. Corporations are still using it. For example, we used Java when we needed to integrate ClearAirspace app with Eurocontrol system for European aviation to get air data.

Secondly, you use Java for native apps for the Android OS. So far we find it the best technology for that purpose.

Clear AirSpace®

How we challenged the aviation software leader and turned a successful project into a long-lasting partnership.

Java Development Services

Many startup founders and corporate product owners are in a need for Java development services. The programming language is powerful and universal. The Order Group developers are experts in Java.

The language was created back in 1991 by Sun Microsystems and was designed for mobile devices and later modified to be the technology of the world wide web. In 2009 Sun Microsystems and its software were acquired by Oracle Corporation, which claims that over 9 million developers are specializing in Java.

In 2014 new functional features, parallel processing with streams and better JavaScript integration were introduced to Java. This put a new life to the programing language. When Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems in 2009, it also took over Java and Solaris.

Applets are Java applications. You can download them from a web server and run on your computer by a Java-compatible Web browser.

Java Development Company

The Order Group team are Java experts. We are a software development company that was born from the passion of programming and we love doing challenging projects in Java.

Why Java?


The goal of Java designers was to have as few dependencies as possible, which makes for one of the best performing programming languages. It's perfect for building standalone applications.


In many ways, Java is similar to C++, since they are both object-oriented languages. However, it has been simplified over time. Now it's easier to work with, and Java developers commit fewer errors.


On the web aspect, Java is popular on web servers, used by many of the largest interactive websites.
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