Ionic Development

This is one of the hybrid mobile development environments we use in Order Group. Ionic is the easiest way to build an app or a prototype that works on every device. Ionic is straightforward - your app is going to work just like a website in a browser. It's very fast. You have no operating system differences.

On the other hand, Ionic does not provide you with any native animations and UI elements. It's more challenging to use the native modules, such as GPS or camera, too.

Ionic is one of the most popular application development frameworks and operates as a client-side system. Ionic is used with programs such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS to develop mobile applications. Not only is it an essential and powerful development tool it is also compatible with nearly all of the latest devices on the market.

Lean Process Excellence

A mobile application supporting a variety of processes by delivering in-depth analysis. Enabled by LEAN methodology tools.

Ionic is an open source UI toolkit that allows the developers to build mobile and desktop apps fast. It uses standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). It is also used for developing the elements of User Interface such as - controls, interactions, gestures, animations. The best thing about Ionic is it is entirely free to use.

Why Ionic?


Integrating Ionic with other libraries or frameworks is easy. Ionic has an official integration Angular, and also supports React and Vue (the suitable combinations are being developed).


With Ionic, you can build and deploy apps that can work on different platforms. The idea is to write one code that would run anywhere.


It also works exceptionally well in conjunction with other software development apps such as Cordova, Angular, and PhoneGap by Adobe.
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