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Django is one of the most popular Python frameworks for web applications development. It gives you a structure for your work. The beauty of Python is about the freedom to create with such a universal tool. However, at times you need some restrictions and some ready to use components to build the essential elements of your application fast. This is where Django comes very handy.

Apart from Django, we also use Flask for web development with Python, but we find Django better. You can get so many useful app views with just a few lines of code. This takes the mundane work of our engineers' shoulders, and they can focus on more challenging tasks and the core software development. While Python gives you freedom, Django gives you norms, rules, and proper procedures that are needed in web development.

At Order Group we find Django fantastic. The framework offers an extensive library of packages. For instance, you get ready to use administration panel — a feature needed by a vast majority of web applications. With one simple command, we can create the app's dashboard, customize it, and adjust the layouts and styles. With just a few lines of code, we build a content management system. With others, we can integrate payments. All these thanks to Django.

Why Django?

A Python Web framework that enables rapid development with clean and pragmatic design. It's free and open source.


One of the significant advantages of Django is security. The structure of the language itself helps developers avoid many common security mistakes. Although programming in Django is easy, some of the largest and most renowned websites run on Django benefiting from its scalability, flexibility, and ease of development.


Django is beloved by many anxious engineers and entrepreneurs because it's swift. You can implement your ideas very quickly. The framework has some available security procedures built in the architecture. It's easier to avoid mistakes causing security issues using this structure.


Django is fast, secure and scalable. It was made to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

Django Software Development

We are Django (and Python) experts. The Order Group was founded by Django enthusiast excited by the possibilities this programming language brings to the table. The Django framework is both fast and powerful.

Django Development Services

Many startup founders and corporate product owners are in a need for Django development services. The Python framework is powerful, universal, and allows building applications very fast.

Django Development Company

The Order Group team are Django and Python experts. We are a software development company that was born from the passion of programming and we love doing challenging projects in Django.

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