C/C++ Development

We use C++ when we need the language's unique performance and efficiency. For example when we need to perform some heavy calculations with the use of the graphics card that will do coding and decoding large sets of data for us.

Some typical uses are - analysis and comparison of text or analysis and filtering of a point cloud. Building software with C++ is more expensive than with Python, but sometimes you need the unique performance.

Here's an example. In one project we needed to take images from two cameras, and without 3D modeling filter and analyze it directly to find objects automatically. These are some serious calculations, and you need to optimize performance.

Why C/C++

In the simplest terms: C# is a hybrid of C and C++. This programming language was developed by Microsoft to compete with Sun's Java language. C# is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Generally, it boasts the type-safety, garbage collection or simplified type declarations. It also includes versioning and scalability support. Microsoft critics have pointed out the similarities between C# and Java.


Efficiency and flexibility have always been C++ strengths are known for its ability and versatility. It is not as easy to write code in C++ as in the modern languages. However the advantages – reliability, high performance, and a wide range of applications – make it still competitive.


Created in 1985 C++ is the oldest programing language on the list. One of the most critical pieces of software are written in C++, such as MS Windows, Google Chrome or Amazon website.


It has features that make creating solutions faster and easier, especially for COM+ and Web services.

The best solution is to run the analysis with C++ software and then integrate just this module with universal Python. In the case mentioned above, we used Django to plug in the C++ component to our system.

C/C++ Software Development

We are Java experts. The Order Group was founded by C/C++ enthusiasts excited by the possibilities this programming language brings to the table. C/C++ is both fast and powerful.

C/C++ Development Services

Many startup founders and corporate product owners are in a need for Java development services. The programming language is powerful and universal. The Order Group developers are experts in C/C++.

C/C++ Development Company

The Order Group team are C/C++ experts. We are a software development company that was born from the passion of programming and we love doing challenging projects in C/C++.

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