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We have vast experience designing and developing Windows mobile apps. Whether you'd like to create a native or hybrid application that will work perfectly on Windows devices, you can count on our long experience with the ecosystem.

As the smartphone market is dominated by Android and iOS, Microsoft has been able to create a niche, and are still plenty of people all around the world. The biggest advantage of Windows on portable devices is the domination of the operating system on personal computers. Although users spend more time on smartphones than PCs, so far it seems that laptops and desktops are here to stay as professional tools.

Windows apps can be used on all kinds of devices. They can also bridge professional working environments with private leisure ones. The Windows user interface is simple and the operating system is abundant in useful features.

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Order Group team has vast experience in software development with the use of Microsoft platforms. Over the years we have designed and built many Windows applications. Get in touch with us, so we can show you the products we worked on. Probably you will find something that can serve as an inspiration.

In Order Group we focus on design. Design thinking is one of our core values and our business analysts, QA engineers, and iOS developers are also design-focused. We can build for you custom web and desktop Windows applications as well as phone and tablet Windows apps.

We are a generation of specialists that have always been working with an agile methodology. From the get go, we'll organize a workshop meeting with the members of your team and all other possible stakeholders to analyze your product idea set up a user-centered perspective, identify the challenges and brainstorm possible solutions.

We provide end-to-end Windows development services. Order Group will design and built any kind of Windows app - be it a standard customer app, Internet of Things app, E-commerce app, Healthcare app, FinTech app, or Learning app. We have also experience in building enterprise solutions for clients from various industries - business intelligence applications, ERP, CRM or CMS apps.

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