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Minimum Viable Product is at the heart of modern software development. You need to define it well and launch the simplest, and version of your product that delivers the value to your customers. We know how to do it.

The goal is to make a usable version of the product you are planning to launch. Let your target group use it, gather the first feedback from all stakeholders - customers, investors, partners - and get down to working on the next iteration.

The Order Group team is young, yet very experienced. We have been working with the agile methodology from the start. We have planned, designed, developed, and launched countless MVPs for startups, corporations, and non-profit organizations from many different industries.

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Our software analysts and designers are used to take a holistic approach during an MVP scoping session. An Order Group's project team always understands all aspects of the product they are working for, especially the business model and business goals.

Order Group's development process begins with a scoping session. Our team will meet with your project's stakeholders. We'll discuss your business goals, the market environment, product's target group. Then we sketch the first versions of the project's scope, the technology stack, and the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) functionalities, timeline, and budget.

Let's do it.

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We can provide you with a first estimate of the costs, timeline, and the team layout needed for your project within a week.


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