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If you need to scale up your development resources to deliver your project before a deadline - our dedicated scrum team is here to help.

Remote development team

We work in a remote development team model because it's the best way to build outstanding products for our clients. It's fast and fits best the agile project management methodology and lean product development approach. Hiring a remote team, you can scale up and down its size in just a few days.

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The Brain Drain Trap

Are you looking for quality engineers and designers? Well, everyone is. Software design and engineering is a global discipline, where people with the same skills are wanted everywhere at the same time - in London, in New York, in Silicon Valley. This causes a brain drain effect.

As a result, it is very hard or almost impossible to hire talent. It takes time and substantial investment. Hiring a talented designer or engineer with experience takes several weeks and costs around $50k to hire a reliable software engineer, there's no guarantee she or he will stay with you for long.

Engage a team that loves to work together

Imagine you could plug into your organization structure an experienced team consisting of quality engineers working with the most wanted technology, talented designers that combine creativity with analysis and project manager, who has seen it all, can make precise estimation, and works as a catalyst to get the most from the team members' talent and expertise.

Imagine, all these people know and like each other, have worked on many challenging projects together, and use the same processes and tools. Additionally, you can adjust the size of your team to your needs. In just a couple of days, you can double the size of your team or cut it in half. This is how remote development teams at Order Group work.

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A network of remote teams is the future

Remote development teams are different from outsourcing design and coding to an outside company or individual specialists. Their work is much more efficient, and the effects are much more predictable.

Hiring Order Group engineers you get project manager (or scrum master) and quality assurance specialist (QA) for free. The whole team works for you as an integral part of your organization. You and your in-house team can get to know each other and later are in touch daily texting messages on Slack (or any different collaboration tool) and video conferencing when necessary.

Software design and development are both dynamic processes. It is tough to plan. At times you need two developers for three weeks, then four for the next two, and then two again after the release of the MVP (minimum viable product).

Win a long term partnership

Choosing a remote team, you gain flexibility. Additionally, you don't have to make any long term investments, such as building your own human resources department. You can focus on your core business.

Finally, at Order Group we focus on long term relations with our clients. Once they've built one successful product with us, they know they have found a reliable tech partner that loves challenges. Such a partnership opens new opportunities for both sides. You know your business, we know the technology and have a team of talented and experienced specialists ready to work in your remote office.

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