Case study

How we helped a successful global company become a digital-driven business.

Spacestor are London based creators of workspace furniture that combines California Cool with London Design.

Spacestor excels in creating workspace furniture. The company's mission is to help people by improving their workspace, a place where an average person spends one-third of his or her life. They operate in London and California and combines the spirit of the two regions and experience of working with different organizational cultures - Google, Apple, as well as Jaguar Land Rover.

A lagging digital presence

For three decades the London-based workspace furniture creators have been in the vanguard of interior design innovations. Eight years ago they decided to open a Design Center in California.

Although already very successfully performing of global markets, excelling in product design, manufacturing and sales, two years ago Spacestor team were still running on a Wordpress-based website with no dedicated web apps nor mobile apps. Their digital presence lagged behind the innovation driven by their core business.

The company needed not only a quality software design and development team but also a tech partner that would provide them with some IT consulting performing a tech analysis and assessing the possibilities of supporting the already great Spacestor products with digital innovation.


Combining web design and development with tech consultancy

Spacestor chose Order Group based on our experience in graphic design, web app development, and e-commerce. Since the Order Group introduced a Scrum-based project methodology. The development is ongoing, and the client can adjust the size of their software design development team accordingly to the needs.

Order Group has been working with Spacestor for two years. The collaboration process appeared very naturally. The needs come directly from the London Spacestor team and are often presented in the form of sketches. Then the Warsaw-based Order Group team comes up with the best software design and development solution.

The two teams met and during workshops discussed the business goals, website and app ideas as well as possibilities.

Beautiful and functional website

Order Group started by redesigning the website. The new site is presenting the endless portfolio of Spacestor products and projects from all over the world. The design is dominated by captivating imaginary. Animated photos and slides create a dynamic and eye-catching effect.


The portfolio section presents past projects and the full product catalog. Browsing through dozens of the real-world offices you can add the products used in each realization directly to your cart.

On the inspirations section, the visitors can freely browse through workspace design ideas, navigating by style (Nordic, industrial, coworking), space use (collaborate, focus, social), colors, and more.

Embracing the agile project management

At the moment there from five to six Spacestor team members in touch with the OG designers and developers. The two teams meed online every one or two weeks, discuss what needs to be done and plan the upcoming sprints. After that, they text to each other to coordinate the completion of all the scheduled tasks.

These modules can be customized to meet the client's visual branding and needs.

Order Group developed two applications. First one is the "Customizer," which is a module included in the website. Website visitors can choose any product or element from the catalog easily adjust the size, components, configuration, color as well as the materials used. These modules can be customized to meet the client's visual branding and needs. Then with just one click, they can download a graphics file that can be discussed with the architect or other team members.

Karol Oponowicz / Spacestor executive
Customizer app works like the Sims video game. You can arrange your rooms with catalog furniture. After playing with the customizer, you can save the results on your account and export a ready to use lists for architects and decorators. The customizer estimates the price of your project in real-time.

Exploring tech opportunities

The second feature introduced by Order Group is an internal knowledge management system called Spacestor Academy. The product offered to the Spacestor customers is getting more and more complex, that is why the salespeople need a know-how tool that would enable them to provide the best solutions tailored for the needs of each client. The sales team needs to do a lot of interior designers tasks such as combining the materials and presenting their advantages and disadvantages.

The tech consulting and software development provided by the Order Group team is doing wonders for Spacestore's business. The online sales and lead generations went through the roof.

The cooperation has evolved into a longlasting partnership. At the moment the two teams are working on a new digital innovation - an app that would enable creating any piece of furniture a customer could think of and automatically estimating the price. This would not only embrace the trend of customization but also if properly curated generate many new quality positions for the Spacestore catalog.

Finding a reliable tech partner helped Spacestore make a leap forward and become a digital-driven business.