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Why you should hire a remote team?
Why you should hire us?

There are a few key factors in the software development world that make a huge difference when you are fighting with the competition. One of them is the ability to scale up your resources fast and the second one is delivery just in time. We know how to solve both of those challenges. But there are more advantages in hiring a remote team:

Save time and focus on your main goals - 2022 27

Save time and focus on your main goals

We have almost instant hiring time. We can introduce you to your new developer or a designer in under 2 weeks.
Stop worrying about managing developers - 2022 27

Stop worrying about managing developers

We can do the heavy lifting when it comes to Quality Assurance and managing the work for the dev team.
Have flexibility and transparency in costs - 2022 27

Have flexibility and transparency in costs

Hire people only when you need them. Reduce the burndown when it's necessary. Know the full costs in advance.
Don't worry about communication barriers - 2022 27

Don't worry about communication barriers

All specialists joining your team will speak English fluently, if you would like to have direct contact.
Stay updated with our monthly reports - 2022 27

Stay updated with our monthly reports

All payments are accompanied by a work time report that contains a list of finished tickets with time stamps.
We ensure quality and the continuity of the work - 2022 27

We ensure quality and the continuity of the work

All of our specialists have been tested in real projects. We provide a substitution whenever something happens.
 - 2022 27

Our Development Team is Agile

We know how to work and deliver in Sprints. Since we began in 2013 we have already been involved in over 300 software projects. During this time we've tried different approaches for managing projects. By analysing which approaches were more successful and why we have amassed a wealth of experience of how to adapt our strategy to differing projects.

 - 2022 27

Team as a Service - Our process is simple as that!

We just need brief information about your project and your needs, and a bit of your time for making a call and we are ready to go!

1. Describe your project & tell us who exactly are you looking for? - 2022 27

1. Describe your project & tell us who exactly are you looking for?

Experience, tech stack, skills needed in the project. The more we know your requirements the better people we can select for the job.
2. Review the candidates that we've selected for you based on the brief - 2022 27

2. Review the candidates that we've selected for you based on the brief

We will send you a list of profiles that fit your needs, so you will be able to select the ones that you would like to interview.
3. Interview the candidates by a video call and make the decision! - 2022 27

3. Interview the candidates by a video call and make the decision!

Pick a date and time and have a video call with the chosen candidates to assess their knowledge and cultural fit to your team.

Hire a dev team in two weeks!

Fill out the form and we'll take care of the rest.

We can provide you with candidate profiles and the team layout needed for your project within a week.


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Do you need more convincing?
The Brain Drain Trap

Are you looking for quality engineers and designers? Well, everyone is. Software design and engineering is a global discipline, where people with solid skills are wanted everywhere at the same time - in London, in New York, in Silicon Valley. This causes a brain drain effect.

As a result, it is very hard or almost impossible to hire real talent. It takes time and substantial investment. Hiring a talented and reliable designer or engineer with experience takes several weeks and costs around $50k, and still, there's no guarantee she or he will stay with you for long.

Engage an experienced team that loves to work together

Imagine you could plug into your organization structure an experienced team consisting of quality engineers working with the most wanted technology, talented designers that combine creativity with analysis and project manager, who has seen it all, can make a precise estimation, and works as a catalyst to get the most from the team members' talent and expertise.

Imagine, all these people know and like each other, have worked on many challenging projects together, and use the same processes and tools. Additionally, you can adjust the size of your team to your needs. In just a couple of days, you can double the size of your team or cut it in half. This is how remote development teams at Order Group work.

 - 2022 27

In a post-pandemic world, you can say that a network of reliable remote Teams as a Service is the future of IT.

TaaS is different from outsourcing design and coding to an outside company or individual specialists. Their work is much more efficient, and the effects are much more predictable. Order Group engineers team works for you as an integral part of your organization. You and your in-house team can get to know each other and later are in touch daily texting messages on Slack (or any different collaboration tool) and video conferencing when necessary.

Software development is a dynamic process where you need to shuffle between different roles that are needed at a time. It is tough to plan and forsee when you are building a new innovative product. There will be times when you'll need two developers for three weeks, then you'll need to speed up and add four additional devs for the next two weeks to meet the deadline, and then suddenly when you are facing a big crunch time you'll need to be able to save yourself and scale fast to release the product on time. So it's always good to have a solid alternative solution in your reach just to be safe.

Win a long term partnership

Choosing a remote team, you gain flexibility. Additionally, you don't have to make any long term investments, such as building your own human resources department. You can focus on your core business.

At Order Group we focus on long term relations with our clients. Once they've built one successful product with us, they know they have found a reliable tech partner that loves challenges. Such a partnership opens new opportunities for both sides. You know your business, we know the technology and have a team of talented and experienced specialists ready to work in your remote office.

Scale your capacity in two weeks!
Hire a team!

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