We are passionate about new digital selling platforms.

To the point that, apart from doing projects for our clients, we keep on developing our ideas. We do it mostly to learn all the aspects of the product life cycle - coming up with a business model, design, building the software around it, launching it to the market, promoting it and growing sales. With the lessons learned from projects like PRIME EST (you can read the case study here) or TicketClub, we can already advise our startup and corporate clients at the earliest stage of planning a product development.

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Challenging market leaders: Eventim & Ticketmaster

TicketClub is an online ticket platform, such as Eventim, SeatGeek or Ticketmaster. We sell tickets for all kind of events - concerts, sports games, and tournaments, stand up shows, and more. TicketClub offers a variety of ways you can buy your tickets. You can browse the events through cities, use the calendar. However, the best part about our platform is the venue map - an essential feature of each ticketing service.

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Embed Ticket Club on your website
You can place Ticket Club selling proces wherever you want, so the user wont have to migrate to a different website in order to buy a ticket for the event.
Custom Tickets
We are also giving our user the option to buy a custom designed ticket for every event that is available on our platform.
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Venue Map Builder
We developed a system where each ticket provider can build a customised venue seat map, in order to sell tickets on their events.

Real-time seat choice

The Polish market leaders still use an outdated technology, where the buyers learn about seat availability during the checkout. If someone picked your seat before you, you'll need to go back to the start. During a sale of a popular event - such as a hot pop concert - this happens all the time, and the fans have to go through the process over and over again, which may be infuriating.

TicketClub uses WebSocket communications protocol, which shows users the current state of availability. When somebody selects a seat, everyone watching the venue map can see it.

From the technology point of view, this is a common solution. However, it still gives TicketClub a big competitive advantage. Why? The market leaders are multinational corporations where the software is licensed to local subsidiaries.

Disrupting a stagnant online ticketing market

"In the model of the market leaders, upgrades are much more difficult. They also cannot adjust to the needs of individual event organizers," says Filip Szamborski, OrderGroup CEO, who runs the project. "This is another big thing about TicketClub. Our goal is to democratize the ticket selling. We want to give the venue owners a tool to successfully promote and sell their tickets online".

This concept is deeply rooted in TicketClub history, which had started before Order Group. Ten years ago Filip, one of the OG cofounders, was coding a website for the legendary live music venue in Warsaw "Stodola" ("The Barn").

Stodola was founded as Warsaw University of Technology students' club in 1956 - a significant turning point in the history of the Soviet bloc countries. This is the year when Stalinism ended, which started a cultural boom fueled by influences from the west (including jazz music). The early Stodoła evolved around jazz, comedy, and filmmaking. For years it has been a symbol of free culture and a leading venue for rock and pop concerts.

"We became friends and business partners with the Stodola owners, and for years we had discussed this idea of creating a ticket platform for venue owners. We wanted to create the ticket platform together since in OG we did not know the ticket business," says Filip.

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