Our UX and the graphic design team are responsible for the development of an exciting product for cinemas. Filmgrail is a platform for building white-label apps that provide some unique value for both cinema owners and the audience.

We've been invited to the project by one of the founders Filmgrail's CTO John Rush

...who got to know us working on BizBot and was impressed by our design. Filmgrail won almost a half of local Norwegian markets, and now valued at $5 million aims at conquering global markets.

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Global offensive

Filmgrail is the best solution for any cinema that faces the challenge of digital transformation or needs new software to sell and market its services. Filmgrail helps cinemas engage their audience and optimize marketing efforts with precise and easy targeting.

The platform is well recognized in Norway, and now the company focuses on an international offensive. "We will go for a more offensive pricing model, and will deliver hundreds of apps over the next few years," said Filmgrail's co-founder and CEO Simon Souyris Strumse to a Norwegian newspaper Shifter.

The startup has already verified the business model as it delivers the software to more than a third of the local cinema market. The graphic and UX design created by the Order Group is a vital part of this success.

Unique value

Filmgrail offers all a cinema and its customer's needs. From a complete content management system for information about films, through ticket sales, to CRM modules where marketers can engage their customers and invite to new premieres and events.

With a handy mobile app, moviegoers can not only read a review, buy a ticket, but also seating in their seat order snacks and drinks that are delivered to them directly. Such small unique features make Filmgrail deliver exceptional value to both cinemas and end-users.

Apps such as Filmgrail are a possible answer to small traditional cinemas to the competition from the online streaming giants - such as Netflix. They can help them deliver an exceptional experience available only when going out to see a movie.

 - 2022 19

The application is fully customizable and can be used by both large cinema chains as well as by single local cinema owners.

It is possible thanks to the scalability - which has been the priority in Filmgrail's development. The customization process is designed in such a way that each client can get a unique white-label product on the outside, while the same reusable codebase runs it.

 - 2022 19
Simon Souyris Strumse
Filmgrail CEO & Co-Founder
Finding an experienced and talented UX designer is very difficult. Adding Order Group specialists to our team proved to be the turning point in BizBot's development process. Delivering flawless user experience was a critical part of our platform's value proposition. And thanks to Order Group we did it, and with this team, we can keep on improving it in the years to come.
Rebranding Process
We did a few alternative takes to catch the look & feel for the app that would be transparent and adjustable for different color schemes.

The Pivot

There's a captivating story behind Filmgrail. They started with a streaming market and made a splash when they got 40,000 downloads on the day of the launch. But the users didn't bring any revenue. The founders decided to pivot and go to the b2b market and sell a service to cinemas.

Order Group designers started working on Filmgrail a year ago. During this time, we did:

  • complete rebranding with new visual identity, logo
  • redesigned all the modules and components that are used across the apps and websites

The cooperation is a long time and looks similar to the one BizBot project. Order Group designers are an integral part of the Filmgrail team and participate in meetings working remotely via Slack from Warsaw.

Since the redesign Filmgrail is growing fast, having no problems with raising capital. The company has partnered with two of the leading Norwegian cinema companies. Together they offer market-leading mobile, web, and advertiser products to almost half of the Norwegian cinema market. Filmgrail's valuation exceeds 45 million NOK ($5 million).

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