Senior UX Designer

8000 - 12000 PLN net / B2B

We are looking for a UX Designer (4+ years exp.) who is able to independently execute complex tasks, run workshops, research user needs, and solve UX challenges.

We are engineers who thrive on exploring new areas of tech.

We design and develop bespoke solutions for people with exceptional ideas. This requires a lot of persistence, discipline, experience, skill and tons of research. It also requires a flawless UX process, that can take an idea, collide it with user needs and turn it into a living and breathing prototype. And that's why we need you on board!

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What skills you should have?

We are looking for an open-minded person that will drive, inspire and support the whole Product Design Team and be responsible for:

Designing Prototypes - photo for mobile

Designing Prototypes

Creating low fidelity mockups, wireframes and interactive or clickable prototypes based on the brief, project documentation, user flows, the user needs or feature sets.
Workshop Facilitation - photo for mobile

Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating UX Workshops (Lean Canvas, MVP Scoping, User Journey Mapping or GV Design Sprint, Storyboarding, User Personas) with clients & our Product Team.
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User Research

Researching & finding a way to optimize business conversions in existing projects, running tests, research and collecting user feedback by using different methodologies.
UX Leadership - photo for mobile

UX Leadership

Guiding and educating other team members and especially clients by sharing the best UX practices, solutions, examples and insights.
UX Documentation - photo for mobile

UX Documentation

Along with building a prototype, you will be responsible for creating a UX documentation that will describe user flows and use cases.
UX Process Evaluation - photo for mobile

UX Process Evaluation

Evaluating the project design process and other team members progress. Upgrading the process based on the evaluation results.
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What we expect from you:

a solid UX portfolio and at least 4 years of experience as a UX Designer,

written and spoken English at C1+ level,

exceptional communication and team-working skills,

knowledge of design/prototype tools such as Axure, Figma, InVision, Sketch,

solid UX expertise that can convince others to your idea, proving that you are an expert in the UX field,

knowledge about researching user behaviour and finding user needs,

good knowledge of analytics such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and more...

proved experience in facilitating workshops,

experience with co-working with developers and business focused managers,

Our Workstyle and Values

We are value-driven. We put honesty & quality first. We value open-minded, engaged, and reliable people who are passionate about their work.

We are partners - photo for mobile

We are partners

We always support each other and share in solving problems. You won't be left alone with any challenge.
We are transparent - photo for mobile

We are transparent

Integrity, honesty, and competence are at the heart of our culture. That's why we promote full transparency.
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We Do Care About Things

We want to shape a modern and conscious approach to every possible branch of running an IT business.
Open Workspace - photo for mobile

Open Workspace

We have a fresh new office located near the centre of Warsaw, that was designed to fulfill all the needs of a modern IT company.
Best Tools - photo for mobile

Best Tools

We provide you with any tools you need and give access to the best software that is available at the moment.
Various Benefits - photo for mobile

Various Benefits

We can offer you things like private medical care program, Multisport card, industry events, life insurance and more...
Flexibility & Remote - photo for mobile

Flexibility & Remote

Good specialists can manage their time, so as long as you meet the deadlines and provide quality work, we trust you.
English Lessons - photo for mobile

English Lessons

If you would like to improve your English we are running lessons during the work hours with our favorite native speaker Mike.
We Value Diversity - photo for mobile

We Value Diversity

As a team, we share different opinions, religions & believes and that's what really makes us so good at facing challenges.

Team Buliding

We pay close attention to regular team-building events and activities because they improve engagement which reflects in all projects that we develop.

Once a week... - photo for mobile

Once a week...

We run OG summary meetings to keep everyone up to date with all the HR and new business news or other developments in the company.
Once a month... - photo for mobile

Once a month...

There is an integration party event that starts always in a different place, but usually ends up with a kebab in the morning of the next day :)
Once a year... - photo for mobile

Once a year...

We do a company integration weekend trip to a remote place where we can get to know each other better by doing some group activities.
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Recruitment process

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Where you will be working?

Our office is located in Muranów district at Dzielna 60.

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Work with us and design solutions that can disrupt whole industries.