Python Developer

7000 - 14000 PLN net / B2B

Developer (3+ years) who is able to independently solve challenges. Warsaw (or fully remote) | Flexible hours | Simple rules

What are we currently working on?

Here are some of our recent projects highlights

Concentrated Solar Powerplant - photo for mobile

Concentrated Solar Powerplant

We are building software for a new industrial-scale solar energy system for heat and power with thermal energy storage.
Industrial Drones Monitoring - photo for mobile

Industrial Drones Monitoring

We are rebuilding and upgrading a system for tracking and monitoring the work and status of industrial drones.
Remote Music Jamming in Real Time - photo for mobile

Remote Music Jamming in Real Time

We are designing & implementing an app for a software/hardware solution that drops down latency of sound transmission.

Your responsibilities:

Developing in Python using Django;
Creating thoughtful & scalable tech solutions;
Writing unit and functional tests;
Monitoring the quality & optimization of the code;
Active participation in the company’s life;
Sharing knowledge & building team spirit;

What we expect from you:

Experience as a Python developer (3+ years);

Very good object-oriented programming skills;

Knowledge of Python programming best practice;

Knowledge of Git version control system;

Strong team-working skills;

Creativity and independence in problems solving;

Join our development team and work on products used by professionals!

Our Workstyle and Values

We are value-driven. We put honesty & quality first. We value open-minded, engaged, and reliable people who are passionate about their work.

We Are Partners - photo for mobile

We Are Partners

We always support each other and share in solving problems. You won't be left alone with any challenge.
We Are Transparent - photo for mobile

We Are Transparent

Integrity, honesty, and competence are at the heart of our culture. That's why we promote full transparency.
We Do Care About Things - photo for mobile

We Do Care About Things

We want to shape a modern and conscious approach to every possible branch of running an IT business.
Flexibility & Remote - photo for mobile

Flexibility & Remote

Good specialists can manage their time, so as long as you meet the deadlines and provide quality work, we trust you.
English Lessons - photo for mobile

English Lessons

If you would like to improve your English we are running lessons during the work hours with our favorite native speaker Mike.
We Value Diversity - photo for mobile

We Value Diversity

As a team, we share different opinions, religions & believes and that's what really makes us so good at facing challenges.

Team Building

We pay close attention to regular team-building events and activities because they improve engagement which reflects in all projects that we develop.

Once a week... - photo for mobile

Once a week...

We run OG summary meetings to keep everyone up to date with all the HR and new business news or other developments in the company.
Once a month... - photo for mobile

Once a month...

There is an integration party event that starts always in a different place, but usually ends up with a kebab in the morning of the next day :)
Once a year... - photo for mobile

Once a year...

We do a company integration weekend trip to a remote place where we can get to know each other better by doing some group activities.
 - photo
Work with us and develop projects that will have the impact to change whole industries.