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10 World's Best and Most Popular Apps You Should Follow

With the world quickly becoming a hub for online synced activity and mobile devices, it is no surprise that almost all the next big business ideas are related to mobile technology. At the moment, software development is probably the hottest field globally, both as a profession and as an investment opportunity. With the number of dot com billionaires and millionaires growing by the minute, knowing where the potential for investment is can be a big source of financial gain. Here is a curation of the top businesses that we think are worth keeping an eye on.

10 World's Best and Most Popular Apps You Should Follow - 2021 17
Table of Contents
  • Aaptiv
  • Checkbox
  • Alpaca
  • Fluentify
  • Zume Pizza
  • Zenjob
  • Contentflow
  • Czur Scanner
  • Squat Wolf
  • Boxed


With the development of smartphones, one of the biggest booms we have seen is in the health industry. While there are countless good apps on offer, one particular company is making huge financial strides, and that is Aaptiv. With a huge network of online fitness instructors, the app was able to secure a massive $52 million, and it does seem that the money is being put to great use since there are thousands of workouts being maintained regularly with extreme versatility of access for all users. Given how popular it is right now, we think it would be a great product to keep your eye on for potential investment.


When it comes to startups that are based around work productivity, you will be able to find countless options on the app store and play store. However, some products are true gems and Checkbox is certainly one of those. An app that allows you to automate the way you treat your documents, it has been making a lot of waves in the business and professional communities about its capabilities. With a $1.8 million angel investment already under its belt, it is set to achieve things that will certainly make it the next big idea of the tech world.


Since the whole point behind this article is to explore possible avenues for making big bucks, why not do it through an app that is already doing the same thing for its users! Alpaca is a brilliant trading app that utilizes AI learning to develop smart investment algorithms. It also allows its users to create their algorithms for investment without any coding knowledge! With a hefty multi-million bankroll and a great ambition, this app is certainly moving towards what you could call "making it big."


Education is quickly becoming one of the most invested in fields online, and Fluentify is an app that represents the top-class material for potential investors. Fluentify is a language learning app that connects users to professional translators across the globe who help you with predefined syllabi. I mean talk about convenience! With a $2.3 million investment from Stefano Marsaglia, this company is only at the beginning point of what seems to be a huge potential future, both for learners and investors.

Zume Pizza

Yep, you read that right! Zume Pizza is a newly started AI company that has created a robot that can make pizza! With this revolutionary technology, you can get your pizza as fresh as possible since it is cooked using automated ovens inside the delivery vehicle while it drives up to your place! The potential is there since the app already has $58 million investment from Softbank Vision Fund.


Finding a field-relevant job for students has always been a difficult task, and this app is aiming to change exactly that. Zenjob is a Germany-based company that provides an amazing platform for students to connect with potential employers and be able to gain job experience. It works very much like a freelancing website apart from the fact that the work is not home-based. The company is constantly gaining more and more traction with every passing day and has already raised $17 million from AXA Venture Partners and will be gaining a lot more this year.


There are countless live streams created by bloggers and social media savvy people daily and being able to post them on preferred platforms automatically is a dream come true thing for a lot of people. Contentflow is an app that let you do exactly that by connecting your content directly to all major social media platforms. With the further ability to edit videos while they are live and posting them, and a $2.5 million investment by Speedinvest, this app is quickly moving towards making a big wave in the SaaS realm soon.

Czur Scanner

With hundreds of new products being created every day for creativity, finding the right one is a big challenge. Czur Scanner is a great example of a gem in such a large group. This product scans books page by page and saves all the text in OCR format. With this image processing, you can display content on a range of devices of your choice. With the company also received an investment of half a million dollars and is taking fast strides towards a fully commercial product, something we think one should be a part of.

Squat Wolf

Health equipment and activewear are some of the most sought-after investments across the globe right now, and Squat Wolf, which is an activewear brand that has recently been launched in Dubai has quickly gained a lot of traction. The products seem to be quite popular, and if you are interested in the middle-eastern market investments, this is certainly an option that we think could be worth looking into given the promising response and stability it has shown.


We save the best for last and Boxed is probably one of the most exciting e-commerce platforms that are currently in motion right now. The company is making a significant impact on how you shop online by simplifying the shipping process, especially for wholesale buyers. Having several large investors and total funding of $243 million, this is indeed a safe and surefire option to invest in!

So which of these options sound best for you to explore further? Do let us know in the comments below!