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Our company grew thanks to a series of the advanced software development project for the aviation sector.

We built Clear AirSpace® app - auxiliary navigation used by Polish Medical Air Rescue and Polish Air Force University pilots. The product competes with Jeppsen Aviator owned by Boeing.

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Order Group engineers developed ATOS™ - a system that can move autonomously on airfields and verify if there are any obstacles to the aircraft movement. The system helped one of the biggest Airport from Poland meet CAT III weather minima requirements, and become a go-to landing spot in the region in case of adverse weather conditions.

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Another example of an advanced project by Order Group is HRESS™ is a helipad and heliport limitation surface scanning and monitoring system. It helps businesses and institutions - such as hospitals - find the right place to land, as well as gives the pilots information on the current helipad availability, which is a life-saving innovation for the medical air rescue teams.

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